2013 MD Junior Open

Record Setting MD Junior Open Tournament
by Kimberly Kratz

MDJO competitor

This year’s two-day Maryland Junior Open set a record for the number of participants in a Northeastern USA junior tournament. Hosted by Lock Raven Badminton Club, the Parkville, Maryland Northeast Regional Recreation Center easily accommodated the 159 participants and 400-plus event entries. Over 300 spectators watched children compete in U9 through U25, including its youngest athlete, 6-year-old Max Han.

Max Han and his father waiting for his next match

Richard Shingles, the tournament’s co-director witnessed one emotional highlight in the U9 mixed doubles final match which paired Peruvian twins Fernanda and Rafaela Munar with two local Maryland competitors, Wain J. Guo and Michael X. Zhang. “At the end of the match the winning girl, Rafaela, ran and leaped into her father's arms and they gave each other a big hug.”

Rafaela Munar

While fun ruled the day, one of the most competitive matches occurred in a final between U19 boy’s doubles team Justin Goh and his partner Victor Phimphachanh versus a tough Bostonian team Anson yun wo Cheung and Victor Wong. Shingles said, “The match highlighted a lot of powerful smashes, finessed net shots, and lots of long rallies.” Goh and Phimphachanh topped the competition.

Justin Goh (R) and partner Victor Phimphachanh (L)

For more MD Junior Open results, check here. Lock Raven Badminton Club hosts generous weekend hours for junior badminton and Tuesday through Sunday evenings for high school and adults throughout the summer.

Elliot Bohr (R) and Kenneth Bohr (L)

Coach Shingles with mixed doubles under 13 winners Mikaela Bayani (C) and Wilson Gao (R)