Regional Umpire Training Course

DATE:  Friday, October 11, 2013
TIME: 7 - 10 pm
LOCATION: New Jersey Badminton Club, 2 Changebridge Rd, Montville, NJ 07045
Why become an umpire?
1.     You get the best seat in the house for the best badminton matches!
2.     You love this sport and you really want to help make more good badminton happen in your area.
3.     Improve your own game:
a.     You will really learn all the rules in detail and understand why, for example, your 'perfect' winning serve gets faulted when there's an umpire on court!
b.     You will learn what umpires can and cannot do; when and how to ask for an umpire if you have a problem on the court; what to do if you disagree with an umpire's ruling; etc.
4.     You are a parent and your child needs you to travel for tournaments and then you are stuck in a gym and you are driving each other crazy!
5.     Umpires are totally cool (well, we like to think so).
6.        There are definitely other reasons as well, but these are excellent ones to start.  By the way, you likely will never learn the others until you become one ☺
This course is being held the evening before the start of the New Jersey Junior Championships, designated by USA Badminton as a ‘Super-Regional’ event for national juniors. On-court umpire training and evaluations will be conducted as a part of this event.  It is an excellent opportunity to develop technical official skills while helping an important event run smoothly.
While junior parents are strongly encouraged to participate in this training, we are looking for others from the broader badminton community to participate as well – the new tournament season for adults is underway significant events in North Carolina, New Jersey and Massachusetts all coming in October and November (and beyond).
Please take special note that later this season, the USAB Adult Nationals will be held in Boston March 28-30, 2014 and the BWF US Open Grand Prix Gold will be held in New York July 8-13, 2014!!
Course Instructor will be Beth Sopka, USAB certified National Level III umpire and Referee.  Course fee $25.00 covers course information packet, official rule book and ‘tools of the trade’ (stopwatch, clipboard, official warning cards).
More information regarding the course, its prerequisites and an overview of all components of the training program is attached.
If you have any questions or interested to join the course, please contact me at 917-882-1210 or
Junichi Kasuga
Tournament Director
New Jersey Junior Championships