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  • Badminton and Corona

    Corona, not the beer, nor the crown, but the virus commonly known as COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus has paralyzed the whole world. What does this mean for professional and recreational badminton players alike? When the stay-at-home order was enforced, non-essential businesses were shut down, and this includes your favorite badminton gym. To “flatten the

  • USA Badminton Updates

    Everyone is hunkered down and hopefully practicing social distancing to prevent the wildfire spread of the Novel Corona virus. During these unprecedented times were all non-essential businesses are shut down, schools are closed, hospitals are overwhelmed and people are getting sicker faster, the world awaits what’s next? With this in mind, USA Badminton has announced

  • Junior Nationals returns to Frisco Texas

    https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Badminton/Features/2020/February/28/Hotel-Accommodations-Now-Available-for-Junior-Nationals-in-Frisco-Texas?fbclid=IwAR06E7mtazTk8wkqimI_QfslBA96uY1vX84cEbq19c4LOH7wAh-xxxirz4k The dates are finally out for the 2020 Junior Nationals, the only 100% ranking tournament of the season usually held last week of June. This year, we return to Fieldhouse USA in Frisco, Texas the site of the 2019 successful Junior Nationals. Main draw will start on June 28, 2020 and will end on

  • April Tournaments

    Time flies so fast, February 29th and March is literally in a few hours. Just an update since our April schedule is crammed with badminton tournaments so all you need to do is pick and choose what tournament is right for you! Whether you are a junior player, a pro or a recreational club player,