Umpire Certification

Two new umpire clinics are being planned for the month of January:
DC area just prior to the National Capital Open (Jan 13-16, Univ. of MD, College Park, MD);
Boston area prior to the CT Open (Jan 27-29, Academy of Holy Family, Baltic, CT).
Details regarding each of these are yet to be finalized but we wanted to put out the preliminary announcement in the hope that you will consider becoming an umpire. Beth Sopka (Chair, Northeast Region Technical Officials Committee; National Level 3 Umpire, Referee) will conduct each of these clinics. Email: Cell: 781.248.2104

Why should I think about doing this?
There are many good reasons:
You love this sport and you really want to help make more good badminton happen in your area.
You get the best seat in the house for the best badminton matches!
You will really learn all the rules in detail and understand why (for example) your ‘perfect’ winning serve gets faulted whenever there’s an umpire on court!
You will learn what umpires can and cannot do; when and how to ask for an umpire if you have a problem on the court; what to do if you disagree with an umpire’s call; etc
You are a parent and your child needs you to travel for tournaments and then you are stuck in a gym and you are driving each other crazy!
Umpires are totally cool (well, we like to think so).
There are definitely other reasons as well, but these are excellent ones to start. By the way, you likely will never learn the others until you become one!
Please note that for parents of juniors in the Boston area, reasons 1) and 4) are especially relevant as the next Junior International Trials (JIT) will be held at Boston Badminton, April 6-8, and this event requires an extremely large official corps to be successful! Even if your youngster is not quite ready to participate in the Trials, you should help now so that USA Badminton will be willing to accept a bid for this and other large junior events in the coming years.